Amazing Ancient Architecture

    The history of India [the ancient, unified, vast India], is at least 25000 years old.

    During all those years, numerous empires have come and gone, numerous cities have come and gone and countless structures have come and gone.

    Mahabharata, which was written five thousand years ago, speaks of the amazing palace of the Pandavas, which was a marvel of science and technology.

    Later on, the construction of amazing architectural wonders continued all over the land.

    Thus, architecture of ancient India brings amazing stories of the glorious past.

    They had no machines which we have today. They had no mail, no post, no banks, no trains or planes, nothing.

    Yet, ancient Indian Hindus constructed such marvels. It is amazing how they could manage to do what they did.

    It is true that most of the ancient temples were  eliminated.  Yet, what remains stands as testmony to ancient glory, ancient knowledge and ancient science.

    The technology was amazing.

    Here is a Praveen Mohan Video…