Marvels- September 2019

    The Marvels of Ancient Indian Science and Technology


    How was this possible? How could they do this?
    These are the questions that archaeologists, builders and scientists ask repeatedly. There was a time when there stood, on the holy soil of Bharata, many many more such marvels. Even invaders were astounded and amazed at the scientific impossible-to-believe structures of ancient India. Their response was demolition.
    Thus, we have lost much. Yet what remains tells us a tale which is not possible to believe, if we did not have solid proof. And here is one such example. Perhaps the time has come for the world to shake of its belief that “science” and “technology” are something new on this globe.
    Praveen Mohan has been doing a tremendous job in bringing out the significance of each important temple in and around Bharata. Here is one such extraordinary video.