Story- September 2019

    When Karma Hits Back


    She had a difficult ailment.

    Life had become impossible to lead.

    And nobody liked her. She felt isolated.

    She suffered and the family too suffered.

    ‘Why is God so cruel towards me,’ she would say.

    But she had a very strong will-power, or so she thought.

    She was given jobs in several places. But she was very stubborn.

    She would fight. She would never tolerate anything.

    She would say, “If that man is my boss, what of it? Why should I bow down to him?

    I don’t care.”

    She never cared. When someone told her she was wrong, that was the end.

    She would blast him.

    Thus, she would lose jobs.

    Someone suggested prayer, self surrender to God, etc.

    But, she would dislike prayer self-surrender, etc.

    “Why should I do that?”

    “Please listen. Pray to Him, Think of Him, He is everything. He will show you the way.”

    The very idea of listening to others, especially about surrender, prayer, etc repelled her.

    Yet she suffered.

    Someone suggested. ‘There is a man. He is a scientist. He does hypnosis.

    He can take you back to your past. Thus you will come to know why you have this ailment.’

    So she went.


    That man was a scientist of sorts.

    He had the capability to put someone to hypnotic trance.

    That hypnotized person would enter into a state where he or she would uncover the past. Slowly. Gradually.

    Deeper within, and more secrets. Till they would enter their past life memories.

    This happened with our person also.

    She was hypnotized. She went into the deep state and brought out her past story.

    It was a startling story of a princess, who became an arrogant queen.

    Pampered in childhood, pampered in youth, pampered in middle age, that woman had been a terror for those who lived around her.

    Proud of her personality and position as queen, that woman hated people.

    People around her were scared of her. She thought she was all-powerful.

    And she listened to no one.


    The end of this simple story is her past karma was showing effect now.

    The ailment, the non-acceptance by society, everything was due to her past.

    Her arrogant behaviour, quarrels with her employers, etc also had this past background.

    However, the important moral of the story is her present-life stubbornness.

    Her non-belief in dharma and God, her negation of self-surrender etc are all born of that

    same arrogance of past life.


    What we sow, so we reap. This is the law.

    If we are proud of our health, charm, wealth, etc in this life,

    If we are arrogant and hurtful, everything will come back to us.

    Nobody can stop my mouth from burning if I have eaten raw green chilles.

    Therefore there is God. Surrender to Him can bring about all changes in life.

    What we did in the past due to ignorance need not be repeated.

    Wisdom is to think of God and to surrender ourselves to Him.