Sun rays have seven colours, says the Rig Veda. In at least two mantras, the Veda says that though the Sun’s rays are single and white, they have seven colours. Here is a mantra which explains how.



    The Horse-less Flying Vehicles


    There is a hymn in the first mandala of the Rig Veda, which definitely speaks of a flying machine of some sort. People laugh when you say they flew in ancient times. They need not laugh anymore. Even the commentator Sayanacharya is confused. He lived in the 13th century and how could he know there would be machines? So he tries to comment as “meaningfully” as reasonable as possible for his times. He cannot even think of a chariot which flies in the air without horses, with metallic gears fitted into it. So he tries to explain. In spite of that, he has mentioned a few things.
    We have selected a few sentences from Sayana’s commentary about these mantras.
    This hymn of First Mandala says that the Maruts, whoever they are, come from space in circular golden chariots (hiranya-chakra). These chariots flew speedily and were self-driven (vidyut-rathāh). They were fitted with some sort of metaillic gears (ayo-danshtrāh). The Maruts wore special suits fitted with weapons called vāshih. Their space ship is tremendously capable of defeating a falcon (gridhra). They land sometimes and the earth trembles and make noise. [I have given the complete hymn and selected lines from the commentary.]