Alone in the Forest


    It was raining heavily.

    The road was almost empty.

    As it grew darker, the road became more and more lonely. And slippery.

    To add to the problem, the road led to a forest. You must cross this forest to go to the next city.

    No people, no vehicles, rain, slippery road, and then, the weary car and its driver.

    To add to the misery of this traveller, something happened to his car. It stopped.

    “Oh my God!” he cried. In the middle of nowhere, with no mobile phones in those days, he was stranded.

    He discovered that he had run short of fuel. What could he do?

    Who will help? Oncoming vehicles? Vehicles going his way? None was to be seen.

    And he saw!

    At a distance, there was a light. In darkness and drizzle, it was clear. There was something.

    He got down and walked towards that light. That should be some sort of a house.

    If anyone is there, he or she could help.

    Yes. it was a house. From a distance, the traveller saw it.

    But, he thought. Will people help? Nowadays people have become self-centered.

    He was angry as he walked towards the light.

    Nowadays even though they can help, nobody cares for others.

    As these thoughts rose repeatedly in his mind, his anger increased enormously.

    And then, when he reached the house, he was blazing with anger.

    He banged the door. Banged it.

    No response. He almost broke the door banging it.

    And walked back sick with anger.



    There was a gentleman in that house. He helped everyone. He was kind. He knew people’s difficulties.

    But he would sometimes have strange visitors. Drunkards, thieves, etc.

    He could understand from the way they knocked whether the person was normal or insane.

    To keep himself safe, this gentleman stopped opening the door to erratic people.


    So you are your own maker.