Music this Month -Nov 2019

    Music This Month



    There are several paths to God. Meditation, Yoga, Devotion, Knowledge–all are ways to reach Him. In the path of devotion itself there are numerous ways in which an aspirant can please God. Of them, the well-known navadha-bhakti or nine forms of devotion are important.

    Among these nine forms of devotion, two are called shravana and kirtana. Just listening to God’s names and glories is enough. Singing His  names and glories is enough.  The listening and singing of God’s names purifies the heart and cleans the soul.

    Here is a beautiful bhajan.

    Krishna Mohana Muralidhara





    Music is divine. Properly used, music leads to the Divine. Sri Ramakrishna, Mother and Swamiji, all loved music immensely. Bhagavan Sri Chaitanya Deva began the tradtition of kirtana. All for God. The tradition of music is ancient, It is Veda itself.  Each month, we bring you news and contributions about music.

    Mrs Prajnaparamita Bhattacharya

    is the Contributing Editor

    of this page.