Science -Nov 2019



    The time has come to take him seriously


    Rishi Kaṇâda. His original name was Kashyapa. He was also known as Ulūka. He lived thousands of years ago. He lived on bare necessities. He collected grains from fields to eat.

    However, he was a genius. Perhaps the first person to speak of the atomic nature of things. Perhaps the first person to speak of relativity of time. Perhaps the first person to give the gravitational force idea. Perhaps the first person to tell us about the laws of motion. And much more.

    The time has come to study this great sage seriously.

    Here, we present something surprising:

    Rishi Kaṇâda’s Concept of the Relativity of Motion and time.

    Einstein’s relativity of time and motion are well known. Suppose there are identical twins. One twin goes out of earth in a space ship with the speed of light. When he or she returns, his or her brother is older.
    However, the other twin brother will see just the opposite. He sees that his twin who travelled twin is older.
    This is called the Twin Paradox. According to science masters, this confusion is because of wrong understanding of relativity and specially, Special Relativity of Einstein.
    The twin who left the earth went in one direction with a speed of light. True. But, he or she changed the direction to reverse the space ship. So, his moving forwards and returning in time are relative.
    Rishi Kaṇâda explains this concept of two-directional motion and the relativity involved, in his laws of relativity of time.

    कारणे कालः ७.१.२५

    kâraṇe kâlaḥ 7.1.25

    Time is in the cause. That is, Time is Relative.

    एक-दिक्काभ्यां,एककालाभ्यां, सन्निकृष्ट विप्रकृष्टाभ्यां परम् अपरं च । । ७.२.२१। ।

    eka-dikkâbhyâm eka-kâlâbhyâm, sannikŗṣṭa viprakŗṣṭâbhyâm param aparam ca 7.2.21

    For instance, something moving in one direction, in particular moment of time, is equal and opposite to what is moving in the opposite direction in the same time relative to the other.