Mother Dec2019

     The Story of the Krishna Image


    Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi went to Brindavan with some devotees in February 1895. She stayed there for about two months and returned to Kolkata in April. She bought a small Gopala Krishna image in Brindavan and brought it with her to Jayrambati. This image lay at the Jayrambati home. No worship was being done. One day, Holy Mother was lying on her cot. Suddenly she saw Gopal Krishna crawling towards her cot. Krishna said: “You brought me here. But  you have put me away. You don’t give me any food. You don’t worship me. If you don’t worship me, nobody will.”

    Mother got up at once, took out the Gopala Krishna image and touched the chin in affection. She offered some flowers and placed the image near the picture of Sri Ramakrishna on the altar. From that day onwards, Gopal Krishna, that is, the image of Krishna in Jayrambati, never again missed worship.


    Here is the image Holy Mother brought from Brindavan and worshipped.