Glory to Sri Ramakrishna, Mother Sarada and Swamiji!

    While the world struggles to come out of the horrible virus which has paralized the globe, we from the Vedanta fraternity pray fervently for all those who lost their precious lives due to this harmful virus. Our humble prayers to the Lord to lead all the souls to His feet and to give them eternal peace.  Our humble prayers for the well-being of the thousands and thousands of health-providers worldwide, who are working round the clock, forgetting their own health and families, to save lives. Our humble prayers for the well-being of the leaders of governments who are working day and night, the police personnel who are struggling to make lockdown a reality, and to everyone, working selflessly to make the lives of millions smooth and normal. Our prayers to the Supreme Being that the horrible virus may be out of the way of the world’s peace, prosperity and progress as quickly as possible.

    May everyone be healthy, happy, and cheerful!

    While the horrible virus is causing immense problems to the world, there is a small good news to share.


    Since the last several years, the Vedanta Society of Holland was in search of a better house, with parking facilities, green space, place for devotees to sleep overnight, etc. After much effort, by Sri Ramakrishna’s grace, we have found the house and here it is!

    The Amstelveen house, was sold and the keys were handed over on 8 April 2020.


    On 9 April 2020, the Vedanta Society of Holland [Ramakrishna Vedanta Vereniging], purchased and got the keys of the new house.

    The Address of the new house is:

    Ramakrishna Vedanta Society

    Rijksweg 141 and 142



    Telephone number: [0031] 0592-865283

    Our special thanks to Dhr Corne van Nijhuis, whose help has been invaluable during this journey from the old house to the new one. He has been working constantly, contacting several officials, authorities, and others, to make the impossible possible. Without his help, it would have been very difficult for the Vedanta Society to get the house. Our thanks also to Mr Ashish Mangla, who has helped immensely during the shifting, and to Mr Rajeev Narayan. Thanks to our board members and friends and well-wishers worldwide.


    We are fortunate to receive the blessings of Most Revered President Maharaj, and also from the Most Revered General Secretary Maharaj, Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission. Blessings and good wishes poured in from monks from various centres.


    Due to the virus lockdown, things are moving slowly. A temporary altar and prayer room are functioning as the daily worship room. Soon, everything will be ready.

    We hope and pray that you all shall visit the Centre and benefit from the wonderful, peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.

    Thank you.


    The prayer hall as it was...The day begins with a beautiful Sunshine. The Divine Diwakara blesses the land with his rays.Vedanta signboard welcomes you!