On 14 December 1912, Mother Sri Sarada Devi visited the Kedareshwara Temple in Varanasi or Kashi. She took part in the evening Arati of Shiva Kedaranath in that temple.

    Kedarnath Temple, Kedar Ghat


    Kedaranath Shiva in Varanasi

    Lateron Mother commented something very important. She said: “This Kedar and that [in the Himalayas] are the same. They are connected. If you see this one, you as much see the other. He is very much alive.”

    Mother Sri Sarada Devi means that Kedaranatha Shiva of the Himalayas and the Kedaranatha Shiva of Varanasi are connected, and are one and the same. This is a powerful statement. She also says that Shiva of Kedar Ghat in Varanasi was very much alive, jagrita devata.

    This statement is found in the Puranas. For instance, the Kedara Mahatmya speaks of the oneness between the two Shivas.

    Mother Sarada, through her grace, confirmed in a few words what scriptures mention and what geography and theology try to explain.