Day: November 15, 2020

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Kees Boukema

Spinoza and Vedanta The ideas of Benedict de Spinoza, the 17th century Dutch philosopher, are


Swami Vijnânânanda Today, slowly and steadily, the world is understanding the importance and value of the ancient astronomical work, Surya
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Music this Month

Râga: The backbone of Indian Classical Music Tania Banerjee We have been discussing the science and art of bhâratiya shâstriya
Children and Creativity…Archives

Children and Creativity…

Young Artist… SAMBIT PAUL   Sadhvi and Pranavi Uppar sing Hanuman Chalisa


RAMAKRISHNA VEDANTA VERENIGING NEDERLAND Rijksweg 141 en 142, Hoogersmilde 9423PA “It is Jayrambati, Mother’s Sarada Devi’s village! It has


What is the biggest problem on Earth? Corné van Nijhuis Scroll naar beneden voor de nederlandse versie In recent days,
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Verdwaalde Gedachten

Think and Feel Yourself! Scroll naar beneden voor de Nederlandse versie The Virus and Us Again new rules of the


This Month’s Feature Article You are Your Own Friend or Foe Swami Paramananda Scroll naar beneden voor de Nederlandse versie