Swami Vijnânânanda

    Today, slowly and steadily, the world is understanding the importance and value of the ancient astronomical work, Surya Siddhânta. Please read about this book here. According to John Bowman, this book is definitely from the pre-Christian era, which means it is 3000 or more years old.  Kim Plofker showed that large portions of the most ancient Surya Siddhânta were incorporated into later works.  Surya Siddhânta is the great work by Aryabhata.

    It  had been translated by Ebnezer Burgess in 1858. It had also been translated into Bengali in 1871. However, Swami Vijnânânanda, being an engineer by discipline and a born Brahma jnanii, rejuvenated the study of ancient Hindu astronomy, as it were, by translating this work into Bengali freshly. He also translated  Varahamihira’s extraordinary work, Brihat Jâtaka, into English

    This month, the world celebrates the birth anniversaries of two of Sri Ramakrishna’s disciples: Swami Vijnânânanda[30 October 1868 – 25 April 1938] and Swami Subodhananda [ 1867-1932].

    Teachings of Swami Vijnânânanda

    The body is the microcosm. What is present in the macrocosm is also present in the body. Ordinarily the mind dwells on the lower plane, and is not aware of the fact that Ishvara is within this very body. If a man or woman follows the path of truth and purity, they will be able to grasp the relation between the gross, subtle and causal states of this body as well as the gross, subtle and causal conditions of external nature. The entire universe, the sun  and the moon, the day and night, all are established in Truth. “O Lord, let me remain established in Truth.” This is my prayer. What else is truth? Brahman alone is Truth; he who is the essence of existence is verily the Truth.

    The greatest possession of the human being is his or her mind. Ishvara has constituted the mind in such a way that it may obey you. Since the mind is within your grip, no other pabulum than perfectly pure thoughts should be made available to it. … On the physical plane, we know well that we need wholesome and nutritious food for the proper maintenance of the body. Similarly we have to nourish the mind also by permitting it to dwell only on pure thoughts, healthy reasoning, and sublime discussions. As it is with unwholesome food [which should not be taken], even so the mind should not be allowed to dwell on impure thoughts or associate with evil company.


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