Mother Sri Sarada Devi

    Mother Sri Sâradâ Devi

    On 5 January 2021 is Her this year’s birthday tithi according to the traditional Indian Vishuddha Siddhanta Calendar

    On 5 January 2021, the world shall celebrate the birth anniversary tithi of Mother Sarada Devi. That is her birth tithi this time, according to the Vishuddha Siddhanta calendar. Mother Sarada Devi was born on 22 December 1853. Outwardly her mode of life was almost similar to that of other women in her village, Jayrambati. There was not much to distinguish her from others. Rather, she was much more simple, unassuming than others.

    At times, however, she would rise to her spiritual height to the wonder and amazement of the people concerned. “One who has got blessings from me need not worry about final liberation. I and the Master are one.”

    “If you meditate on me and remember me—that will be enough.” Utterances like these would come from her when a disciple was found wavering or in distress.

    Such utterances seemed all the more wonderful when one remembers that she was humility itself and that there was not the least trace of egotism in her. In talks and conversations with her, one would always get the impression that she felt she was nothing — the Master was everything. Mother’s unassuming behaviour was so very natural and spontaneous that at times those who were with her felt as if she was no more than a child even in her advanced age when thousands of people looked to her for guidance not only in the perplexing situations of this life but also to solve the problems of the eternal life. And the Divine Mother Sarada Devi blessed everyone who came to her with supreme knowledge.

    Why Suffering in the World?

    Why there is so much suffering in God’s world is a problem which agitates the mind of every devotee. When the Mother Sarada Devi was approached with that question, her answer was simple: “Creation means a mixture of happiness and misery. Misery is the symbol of God’s compassion. Besides, none suffers for all time. Every action brings its inevitable result, and as such the turn for happiness will surely come.”

    “Is there any use repeating God’s name if one did not have love for Him?” asked a disciple. “If you fall into water, whether willingly or unwillingly, your cloth will get wet all the same,” was her answer that immediately silenced him.

    Repetition of God’s Name

    Why does one not experience God- absorption though one is constantly repeating God’s name? — is a problem that perplexes a spiritual aspirant occasionally. When the Holy Mother was asked that question, her practical advice was: “It will come, by and by. But do not give up Japa even if the mind is unwilling and unsteady. You must go on with the repetition of the name and you will find that the mind is getting gradually steadier, like a flame in calm air. Any movement in the air disturbs the steady burning of the flame; even so, the presence of any thought or desire makes the mind unsteady. The Mantra must be correctly repeated. An incorrect utterance delays progress.”  “But, then, a single utterance of the Lord’s name is as effective as a million repetitions of it if you do it with a steady, concentrated mind. What is the use of repeating the mantra a million times with an absent mind? You must do this whole- heartedly. Then only can you deserve His grace,” was her answer to a similar question on another occasion.

    Why Spiritual Practice?

    “God’s grace is shed on all just as the sun’s light is for all. Then what is the use of spiritual practice?” — asked a devotee in trying by logical argument to prove the   uselessness of Sadhana.”  “Food items are there. The one who will cook them earlier will eat earlier; the one who does not at all like to cook will go hungry,” was her simple and straight answer.  “We see innumerable creations. Were they created one by one or otherwise?” was the question that arose in the mind of a young disciple, and he put it to the Mother in childlike innocence. “God is not like a painter who draws the eyes, face, nose of every figure. No, He does not work that way. He has a unique power. By His mere will the universe comes into being and at His wish it goes to naught. All the things of the universe have been created all at once and not one by one,” was her answer to that difficult philosophical problem.

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