Aspects of Nature


    Martin van Est

    Our Mother (the feminine) is wounded. It’s time to heal. “As above, So below”, from macro to micro level this should happen. To heal the feminine it is necessary that the four energies come together again. As soon as the four energies are in balance, the fifth energy (element) unfolds. For Mother Earth these are the four largest inhabited tectonic plates; Eurasia, Africa, Americas and Oceania. They need to regain balance and work together so that The Mother can heal again. At all levels/wounds the four energies need to work together again in balance. Find these four “opposites” that complement each other. It is not that these four heal the feminine. The feminine can heal herself very well, but this only happens when she does not have to put all her energy into balancing and purifying the energies that are not in balance. Once the masculine self finds its Love and balance, the feminine will heal itself. Trust her!
    In the fairy tale; The four clever brothers (Brothers Grimm), each brother learns a different craft. They want to prove to each other who is the best man. They do this by saving the princess who is guarded by the dragon. Only by working together can they save the princess and claim the reward. The reward is marrying the princess, all four indicate that they are entitled to it. The King decides that no one marries his daughter and that the brothers each get a quarter of his kingdom. By working together the feminine is liberated, each receives his reward and the feminine retains her honor and sovereignty.
    This fairy tale tells beautifully how cooperation between four “opposites” achieves something beautiful and the feminine takes its place again and starts to shine.
    Similar to the four elements (water, fire, air, earth). Once these four are in balance, the Fifth element comes into its power. This element is life energy, known by various names. These elements/energies can be found in everything and everyone can participate in this. Find these four in all the challenges you come across and the fifth will welcome you. Together we can help Mother Earth.

    In Love and Unity


    Martin van Est is a positive thinker and aspires for Divine Love in the universe. It is a different way of thinking than the customary fear-born way of life. Martin tells his friends about the value of love and higher thinking.

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