Thoughts for Everyone

    Precious jewels are everywhere in the cosmos and in each of us.

    I’d like to give you a handful, dear friend.

    Yes, this morning I want to give you a handful, a handful of diamonds that sparkle from morning to night.

    Every minute of our daily life is a diamond that

    heaven and earth,

    Includes sunshine and river.

    360 BLacK & YeLLow ideas | black n yellow, yellow, shades of yellow

    We only need to breathe lightly and the miracle unfolds:

    Birds that sing, flowers that bloom.

    Here is the blue sky, here floats the white cloud,

    Your lovely face, your beautiful smile.

    All of these are contained in a single jewel.

    You who are the richest person on earth

    And you act like a failed son,

    Please return to your heritage.

    Let’s give each other happiness

    And learn to be present in the present moment.

    Let’s embrace life and let go of distraction and despair.

    About the Contributor

    Francis van Schaik


    Mrs Francis van Schaik is a coach of children and also a student of human relationships with nature, the world and Reality. She is a regular contributor to our online magazine. Francis is the contributing editor of this page.

    Francis van Schaik is een coach van jongeren en ook een student van menselijke relaties met de natuur, de wereld en de Waarheid. Ze levert regelmatig bijdragen aan ons online magazine. Francis is de bijdragende redacteur van deze pagina.


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