Stunning Incident

    Jayrambati Series -17

    Stunning Incident


    It was the year 1913. And it was an eventful day in human history. Some eternal truths were revealed on that day.

    Mother Sri Sarada Devi was in Varanasi then. She had enjoyed her stay in Varanasi and had repeatedly said that it was a heavenly place.

    One day, Mother’s entourage visited Saranath, about 10 km from the Advaita Ashrama, where she was staying.  Mother and her party enjoyed the serenity of the Buddha’s place. As they walked around, suddenly Mother Sarada Devi remarked, “Those who constructed this in the past have come here again. Now they have come here and look at everything with great amazement and say, “Oh, how wonderfully they have constructed this in the past.”

    What was this remark about? A few Europeans had come on a visit to Saranath the same day. They were looking at everything with amazement. Mother saw them and remarked that it was they who built this ages ago.

    This amazing incident is proof of many things: reincarnation, the power of good works, Mother’s power of seeing through the past and the future, and so on. What is important is that Providence arranged for the visitors to be there on exactly the same day as Mother visited Saranath, thereby announcing to the world the truth of rebirth, karma, etc.

    One other amazing incident happened on that day. As the Mother’s entourage prepared to return, Swami Brahmananda had an idea. He insisted that he would travel in Mother Sri Sarada’s horse carriage, and that she must sit in the carriage he had come in. Mother initially said no. Later on she agreed. Mother, accompanied by a few female companions, left in the other carriage.  Swami Brahmananda entered the carriage in which Mother had come. Within a few minutes, the horse ran berserk and toppled the carriage. Swami Brahmananda was hurt.

    Hearing about the incident, Mother remarked sadly: “The accident had to pass over me. Knowing that I was travelling with small children, Rakhal [Brahmananda] took it upon himself.”