Fasting and Health Benefits



    For those who have high diabetes, who are obese and find it difficult to manage even with insulin, here is something.

    Dr Jason Fung is one among the several eminent personalities who have studied diabetes deeply. They say that there is a fundamental difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. They also say that Type 2 diabetes is totally reversible.

    Type 2

    According to Dr Jason Fung, Type 1 diabetes is about less insulin. Type 2 diabetes is about more insulin.  There is insulin in Type 2 diabetics, but there is also insulin resistance.   What is insulin resistance? According to a website, “Insulin resistance is when cells in your muscles, fat, and liver don’t respond well to insulin and can’t easily take up glucose from your blood. As a result, your pancreas makes more insulin to help glucose enter your cells. As long as your pancreas can make enough insulin to overcome your cells’ weak response to insulin, your blood glucose levels will stay in the healthy range.”

    So all the eminent doctors say that in Type 2  Diabetes, which is not a disease but a  problem related to diet,  there is insulin resistance, and there is also over-production of insulin in the body. So we have diabetes. But the remedy is not adding more insulin. When doctors prescribe more and more medications, they are adding insulin to insulin. This is not the cure.

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    The cure is to reduce insulin in the body, and also reduce sugar in the body. To reduce sugar in the body, eliminating all sugar intake and also eating low-carbohydrate diet is suggested. But that is not all.

    Here is the solution given by Dr Jason Fung. He says that fasting is the best solution to completely eliminate diabetes Type 2. Fasting removes accumulated sugar, removes insulin build up, and also eliminates fat. Not only that, the body gets an opportunity to express its inner potentialities, grow better, express energies, etc. Fasting does not weaken but strengthens us.

    Religions of the world have instructed their followers to fast. However, the best is form of fasting, after ages of practice and research, is in Hindu dharma. Here there is no violent fasting and subsequent overeating. Here it is smooth. Like on ekadashis. Like on Shivaratri.

    Dr Fung had to make another video recently. A few studies were conducted about his research that intermittent fasting controls Type 2 diabetes. In these studies, they had wrongly asked participants to eat anything after fasting, without control. Processed food, etc without limit. This is of course not the idea, says Fung. After fasting, say, for 10 hours daily, eat normal food and not overeat.

    We fast on Shivaratri . This fasting helps bring out inner energies. Growth hormones increase. This is exactly the principle of Shivaratri. Like the nuclear reactor which has tremendous potential energy hidden within, our bodies and minds have tremendous potentialities. When we allow these energies to manifest themselves, there is great progress.

    Watch the video by clicking below:

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