Temple in Kornhorn

    A Temple in the North of Holland

    Temple in Kornhorn

    Images were installed on the 13th May in a beautiful temple in the north of Holland. Kornhorn is a quiet village. In this village, the Sun of Bhakti has begun to shine. Sri Surendra Shankar Upadhyay is  the head of a group of dedicated people, which is working hard to spread the ideals of Sanatana Dharma in Holland. When Surendra Upadhyay arrived from India some years ago, there was only a small temple in a rented house near Amsterdam.  Subsequently,  he has built a beautiful temple in Abacoude, near Amsterdam. Having done that, he thought of having a temple in the north and thus the Kornhorn temple has come up.

    Provincialeweg 19
    9864 PA Kornhorn
    Gemeente Westerkwartier
    Provincie Groningen



    The altar of the Temple

    Devotees during the installation ceremony of the images.

    Sri Surendra Upadhyay worshipping Shiva