Swami Premananda’s Teachings

    Study scriptures regularly. Mix with everybody freely, seeing Narayana, the Lord in every person. You are the children of Holy Mother. Why should you feel fear or anxiety? Do you not realize whose blessing you have received? Do you consider everything as sham and nonsense? No, you are already liberated through Her grace, my boys. On all sides there is a demand for workers. Give up your life as a sacrifice to disseminate the message of peace.

    Be very careful. Make  Sri Ramakrishna your ideal. Follow this ideal and know that you will become strong with a new strength. Our Master was the repository of all powers.  The Mother and Master are one and the same. And Swami Vivekananda is also one with the Lord.

    Pay some special attention to the body. Regularity in bathing, eating and so on are desirable. It is necessary to be regular about sleep.

    Work should be done smoothly, through love. Hard-and fast rules are not good.  Let affection be your watchword. Young men will be moved by affection. They will give their hearts in return.

    Younger generation take note. Let the life of Sri Ramakrishna be your ideal. Follow in his footsteps and know for certain that thus you will be imbued with new strength and vigor. He is the embodiment and source of all power.

    The vision of God makes all imperfections vanish, as darkness goes when the sun rises. Should not love and devotion arise in our hearts, dispelling ignorance and vain egotism? Sri Ramakrishna said, “Devotees of God belong to a caste by themselves.” Our ideal is to unite all humankind into that one caste of devotees.

    Spiritual practice means to try to know our own defects and to learn how to remedy them. You will certainly become perfect if you make a habit of seeing the good qualities of others and taking on such qualities as far as possible. If you do not manage to become perfect in this present life, it is doubtful whether you will be able to become perfect even in a thousand years. Take the stand that in this very life you will achieve perfection. Delusion will then be broken and darkness will be removed. All of you  must be united in heart and mind through the grace of the Lord. Unity and harmony there must be. There is no other way. Know all to be the Lord’s own. Everyone is good; only the little ego is bad. Shun this and you will be freed from all bondage.