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    Health benefits of Ayurveda

    Sandra Bharadwaj

    In the previous articles I have told you about Ayurveda. You have been able to read where it comes from and that the approach of this ancient medicine is holistic. It traces the root of the ailment through the effective method of treatment.
    The tridoshas describe the body types and their qualities by which an individual can be identified.
    Today I am going to tell you more about some areas where Ayurveda is effective and how it improves quality of life.

    1. Maintain healthy weight, skin and hair
    Viewed from Ayurveda, a healthy lifestyle means a lifestyle based on eating habits without animal products. Lifestyle modifications through a healthy diet combined with Ayurvedic treatments help reduce excess fat in the body.
    The use of organic and natural products ensures a healthy body and healthy skin. There are no artificial additives in organic products, so that the body is not polluted with heavy metals.

    2. Prevent stress
    The body has to endure a lot every day. The many impressions and impulses it has to process causes stress, among other things. The advice is therefore to look for balance and to keep it. This can be done, among other things, by doing breathing exercises, meditation, yoga practice, Ayurvedic massages to let the body relax. The body also needs to be detoxified regularly to remove the accumulated waste. Correctly performed breathing exercises maintain the blood circulation in the body and supply more oxygen to the cells. Treatments like Shirodhara, Abhyangam, Shirobhyangam and Padyabhangam are practiced in Ayurveda to keep depression and anxiety at bay.

    3. Eliminate inflammation, prevent disease
    Lack of proper nutrition, unhealthy eating habits, insufficient sleep, irregular sleeping patterns and poor digestion can lead to bloating and inflammation in the gut. The main cause of neurological diseases, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, lung diseases, arthritis and many other diseases starts with inflammation somewhere in the body. As you start eating according to your dosha, the digestive system starts to get stronger. Consumption of the right foods at the right time reduces toxins in the blood and digestive system. It provides vitality and much more energy.

    4. Purification of the body
    Through panchakarma treatments that consist of a number of coordinated methods, herbs and treatment methods, waste and toxins are eliminated from the body. This is used to purify the body but also the blood so that the body can regain strength and restore its immune system.

    5. Disease prevention
    A pure Ayurvedic diet and proper lifestyle ensures a healthy body. A healthy lifestyle also includes relaxation and the practice of yoga or other exercise. This keeps the body vital and healthy. Diseases don’t get room in a healthy body because the immune system ensures that germs cannot settle. Ayurveda is effective in boosting immunity.

    Ayurveda today
    Ayurveda existed long before Western medicine. The introduction of modern medicine and frequent foreign invasions in India gave no importance to this art of medicine. Nowadays Ayurveda can no longer be ignored and it is recognized worldwide. Ayurvedic medicine is used in many areas of health care. Research is being done on Ayurveda to relate it to modern medical science. With this new advancement in medical science, people’s ideology and lifestyle are changing. People live more consciously and in the case of ailments, Ayurvedic treatments are soon looked at that are successfully applied.

    Health is a precious asset that we should be very careful with. Ayurveda helps to build a healthy lifestyle for getting a healthy body.
    Consult a skilled Ayurvedic doctor if you want to apply this healing method for obtaining a healthy body.

    Live consciously and live healthy!
    Use knowledge from Ayurveda for a long and happy life.

    Sandra Bharadwaj
    Chairman St. Shri Sanatan Dharma Netherlands.

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    Sandra Bharadwaj

    is the President of Stichting Shri Sanatan Dharma Nederland.