Teachings of Swami Premananda

    Swami Premananda - Monastic Disciple of Sri Ramakrishna

    [to a householder] You should find a job that will give you more income. As long as you have to live in the world, you will need money. But earn money by honest means –that does one good. Never stoop to dishonest means. To be dishonest is the one root cause of all misfortune and suffering.

    Be not self-seeking. Try to be desireless, and take your refuge in God, who is the doer of all good. You will then have no fear. The world’s great sea will appear like a tiny puddle that fills the hoof print in the clay. Make your heart and lips the same and call on the Beloved Lord earnestly. All fear will vanish. You will experience ecstatic joy. Peace will reign in your heart. The source of all joy is the name of the Lord.  Hold on to Him.  Let nothing daunt you. He is the Operator, we are His instruments. He is the master. We are His servants, his eternal companions.

    Always remember, purity and steadfastness in truth make a god out of a human being.