For the Seeker

    For the Seeker

    Swami Premananda

    Do you not understand that we, disciples of Sri Ramakrishna, are only the instruments in the hands of Ishvara? It is His power that is manifest in the monastery, and you are enabled to do these good works by Divine power.Believe that the fetters of karma can be severed, that you will get parabhakti and that you will be jivanmuktas [free while living in the body]. What! Are you ordinary persons? Have you forgotten that you have the grace of Holy Mother, the Primal Power? How many in the world have this opportunity and good fortune? “Not I but you, O Lord”, this idea appeals to me most.

    We are born to serve all jives as Narayana. This is our sadhana. We have no time to look into the goodness and badness of people. It is against our dharma. we must make our own those who are poor, weak, ignorant and fallen. This, however, does not mean that because we must love the poor, we have to hate the rich and the fortunate. Remember Swamiji’s  words, “The Beloved Lord dwells in all beings, from Brahma to worms and atoms.” You must learn to live in love and harmony with all. Such is the teaching of Sri Ramakrishna and Swamiji.

    You can meditate and chant the name of Ishvara very well sitting on a chair. There is no rule regarding time and place for meditating on Ishvara and repeating his holy name. what is needed is to remember our Ishta always and in all circumstances.

    Those who are guileless and devoted to truth, self-controlled and lovers of God, are the living gods, the rishis and siddhas, even though they wear human bodies. Know that it is the infinite grace of Ishvara that you can meditate on the form of Sri Ramakrishna.