Editorial: Is there a future?


Is there a Future?

2023 saw the world come out of the corona virus terror. After almost 4 years of terror, the world began to breathe normally again. Those four years were horrific. Millions dead, humans hating to go near humans, humans suspecting humans, afraid even to cough once in public, running about with masks bringing exhaled carbon dioxide into the body again and again…it was terrible. Economy collapsed, lock outs destroyed businesses, travel, sport, art, culture, everything. Though there are indications that this virus did not fully die out,  that phase has died out.

But lessons were not learnt. Greedy administrators did not wait for the masses to recover from the aftereffects of the horrible virus or the economy to recover. They began war.  All “important” nations quickly jumped into the war and began donating millions. Sell arms, sell soldiers, get money, speak about peace, weep about refugees, weep over oil prices but hit and destroy oil installations, and the war continues. And this war continues, destroying economies, destroying buildings and human lives.  You send weapons, you kill, you earn money by arms sale, you destroy oil, and you shed tears over the aftereffects of war and war-afflicted refugees.

You may say this has happened always in human history. But there was no global village then. The world was not so well connected as it is now. Something would happen somewhere and the rest wouldn’t even know. The sorrows of some place would not affect the other directly. Further, not all nations jumped to destroy one another. But now, knowing fully well, due to interconnectedness and due to recent history, that news from one end reaches the other quickly, leaders don’t change, and thus suffering is global. Not just by way of news. Economy. We may have all the inventions to make lives better, healthier. But  when economy due to war gets hit, all prices are pushed up in the name of inflation, and everyone is affected. Yet leaders need wars to survive, wars to sell weapons, and they care the least for their people.

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What is the way out?

The same global connectedness can be used in a different way. The world is now connected via the internet. If there is some important video, within a few days it’s on all mobile phones. Such is the inter-connectedness. This can be used to stop criminal activities. People can pray together, send good thoughts, unite against evil, and work for a better world.

Those who wish to harm and destroy intentionally, even for “religious” purposes, are sick people. The inter-connected world should understand this and thus those sick people can be isolated and do not get support. And there are numerous other ways to better the world unitedly.

The example of such a State was in Rama Rajya, the Kingdom of Rama, where evil was subdued and virtue was honored. India is re-affirming its faith in the glory of Sri Rama and a temple is being inaugurated on his birthplace on 22 January 2024.

India and Hindus suffered too much for 1000 years. Now India is waking up tremendously. India and Hindus never harmed any race ever. On the contrary. India gave wealth to numerous countries, only to be beaten and enslaved. Even today India provides wheat etc to those who harmed her.  Now India is rising. Even though there are about 35-40% internal enemies, always cursing and insulting, all the time getting all benefits from the nation, India is rising. And there is hope. Rama Temple is one symbol of ressurection.


May 2024 bring peace, prosperity and happiness to all.

Swami Sunirmalananda