He knows Everything

He Knows Everything

Sri Ramakrishna was in samadhi. He began to come gradually down to the  normal plane. His mind was still filled with the consciousness of the Divine  Mother. In that state he was speaking to Her like a small child making im-  portunate demands on his mother. He said in a piteous voice : “ Mother, why  haven’t You revealed to me that form of Yours, the form that bewitches the  world ? I pleaded with You so much for it. But You wouldn’t listen to me.  You act as You please.”

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The voice in which these words were uttered was very touching.

He went on : “ Mother, one needs faith. Away with this wretched  reasoning ! Let it be blighted ! One needs faith — faith in the words of the  guru, childlike faith. The mother says to her child, ‘ A ghost lives there ’ and  the child is firmly convinced that the ghost is there. Again, the mother says  to the child. ‘ A bogy man is there ‘, and the child is sure of it. Further, the  mother says, pointing to a man, ‘ He is your elder brother ’, and the child believes  that the man is one hundred and twenty-five per cent his brother. One needs  faith. But why should I blame them. Mother ? What can they do ? It is  necessary to go through reasoning once. Didn’t You see how much I told him  about it the other day ? But it all proved useless.”

Sri Ramakrishna was weeping and praying to the Mother in a voice choked with  emotion. He prayed to Her with tearful eyes for the welfare of the devotees :  “ Mother, may those who come to You have all their desires fulfilled ! But  please don’t make them give up everything at once. Mother. Well, You may  do whatever You like in the end. If You keep them in the world. Mother, then  please reveal Yourself to them now and then. Otherwise, how will they live ?  How will they be encouraged if they don’t see You once in a while ? But You  may do whatever You like in the end.”

Sri Ramakrishna was stilt in the ecstatic mood. Suddenly he said to M. ; “ Look  here, you have had enough of reasoning. No more of it. Promise that you  won’t reason any more.”

M. {with folded hands) : ” Yes, sir, I won’t.”

Ramakrishna: “ You have had enough of it. When you came to me the first time, I told you your spiritual Ideal. I know everything about you, do I not ? ”

M {with folded hands) : “ Yes, sir.”

Ramakrishna: “ Yes, I know everything : what your Ideal is, who you are, your inside and outside, the events of your past lives, and your future. Do I not ? ”

M. {with folded hands) : “ Yes, sir.”

Ramakrishna : “ I scolded you on learning that you had a son. Now go home and live there. Let them know that you belong to them. But you must remember in your heart of hearts that you do not belong to them nor they to you.”   M. sat in silence. Sri Ramakrishna went on instructing him.

Ramakrishna : “ You have now learnt to fly. But keep your loving relationship with your father. Can’t you prostrate yourself before him ? ”

M. {with folded hands) : “ Yes, sir. I can.”

Ramakrishna: “ What more shall I say to you ? You know everything. You understand, don’t you ? ”

M. sat there without uttering a word. Ramakrishna: “You have understood, haven’t you?”

M. : “ Yes, sir, I now understand a little ”

Ramakrishna : “ No, you understand a great deal. Rakhal’s father is pleased about his staying here.”

M. remained with folded hands.

Ramakrishna : “ Yes, what you are thinking will also come to pass.”

Sri Ramakrishna now came down to the normal state of mind.