Turiyananda and His Master

Turiyananda and His Master

If someone hurts you and you retaliate, you hurt yourself more. You’re going to be as bad as him. The Master used to say, “He who curses another and bears a grudge cannot attain liberation.”
(To the monks: ) Days, months, and years pass while you waste your time. Where is your desire for God? Don’t you know how Sri Ramakrishna used to cry, “O Mother, another day has passed, and I still have not seen you”? You have become dry! You have lost your Spirit! ” Who is dead- while he is alive? He who does not long for the Truth of God.” Swamiji once said, “At the age of twenty-nine I finished everything.”

Has it been revealed to you what is the purpose of this human birth?
Sri Ramakrishna is an example for us. The Master had the vision of the Living Mother of the Universe and entered into an intimate relationship with her. He surrendered himself to Her.

Swami Turiyananda - Belur Math - Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission
There must be self-effort. Sri Ramakrishna always said, “Struggle a little! Then the guru will help you.” The Master always sang, “Spirit, wrestle unto death. Can a pearl be found in knee-deep water?
If you want to realize him, dive into the depths of the ocean.”
Don’t expect anything from anyone! Learn to be the giver!
Otherwise you become egocentric. This is the teaching in the family of Sri Ramakrishna. I have seen so-called holy men who thought they were detached from the world and wanted nothing to do with others. They were dry…Sri Ramakrishna taught us, “Work with your hands, but let your mind remain at the feet of the Lord.”

We have seen with these eyes. With these ears we heard. When we came to Sri Ramakrishna, he made us feel that God-realization was within our reach. But at times we became discouraged and worried about whether our lives would remain within reach of the goal. Over time, however, the Master has done everything for us.
Our Master could not bear the word sin. He told the people not to consider themselves sinners, and taught them to think: “I chant (recite) the name of God. Why should I worry? Who will a child of the Mother of the Universe fear? ?”
Sri Ramakrishna also said, “Endure. Endure, and endure.” —-as if he was pleading that there was no other way. Again he said, “He who endures lives. He who does not endure is destroyed.” That is why we must persevere. Always remember the words of the Master: “Let the body bear its ills, but you, O my mind, occupy yourself with the thought of God and thus enjoy bliss.” This attitude will keep you from being overwhelmed by suffering.

Sri Ramakrishna said, “When you see an artificial fruit, you are reminded of the real fruit.” In the same way, one is reminded of him when he sees a picture of the Lord. If we imagine that He is actually present in the present in the photo, we must know that He is real and serve Him. He will fill us with inspiration.
My Master was a perfect yogi. Nothing was hidden from him.
He knew our thoughts inside and out. We didn’t have to ask him anything. He anticipated our every thought. We never had the impression that he was teaching us, but he always observed us. Nothing escaped him. He knew what pitfalls stood in our way and he let us avoid them.
Once our Master told us that he had other disciples, who spoke a different language, who had different customs, somewhere far away in the West. They will also honor me,” said the Master. “They are also Mother’s children.”

Collected and presented by Mary Saaleman
Mary Saaleman

studies Vedanta since decades and participates in the activities of the Vedanta Society of Holland. She has dedicated her life to the study, propagation and practice of the ideals of Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Sri Ramakrishna and Swamiji.