This month’s Question


“Why should we Pray to God?”

Ahana Ray

Student,  Voorschoten

Everyone has their own God. God can be among the stars, God can be among the people we love, God can be the work we do. As long as we believe in something and trust something, it can be our God. God is someone who is here with us all throughout our lives. God sticks with us through thick or thin. He smiles at our happiest moments, and makes us learn from our mistakes. But most importantly, God gives us hope. He is someone whom we can trust without fear or doubt, knowing that everything He does is for our own good. During our darkest of days, we can rely on God and trust Him to make things better.  During those moments, we pray to Him. We call Him from above and tell Him about our problems, we wish for them to get better. We wish good health for our loved ones. We also acknowledge him, and thank him for all those joyous experiences He has given us. This not only is our service to Him, but is also mentally healing. It makes us feel good to have someone to trust, and it makes us less stressed. Praying to God is a way of showing our gratitude towards Him, and we should do it regularly.


Aneesha Pandey

Student, Groningen


Praying takes us to the right path, it helps us during our hardest times.

“It gives us a moral compass in our life.”

God is what is behind all the fundamental forces which govern this giant universe and outside the purview of the narrow logical framework of the human mind. The form of God we pray to does not matter, it is only a means to make a mental picture in our mind to address to. In crucial situations, when everything is going against us, and we begin to self-doubt, belief in God can be the difference between making and breaking our resolve. It can give us a sense of purpose in life. Attaining peace of mind is one of the reasons people pray but the most important thing is to pray without seeking anything in return. Praying does also has health benefits. Mental stress in day to day life has reached epidemic proportions and praying can help in reducing it. We should also pray to thank God for what all has been bestowed to us right from not only the necessary ingredients to live but also the  means like the human consciousness to discover our true divine nature.


Savar Ramharakh

Student, Amsterdam


We pray to god because we need or want something for ourselves or for others. We do this by worshiping him or praying to him. For example, in Indian culture,we pray to different gods for different things. Praying to god offers us the support that we can’t get from anyone else and helps us fulfill our needs. God gives us the strength to believe in ourselves. Prayer also strengthens our connection to God, praying helps us overcome obstacles in life and helps us reach our goals.


Ahona Saha Charu

Student, Utrecht

We pray to God because God is the creator of the whole universe who is lovely, merciful, caring and the almighty. God gives us everything that we need to have a mentally and physically healthy life. We are so dependent on him, for our basic survival we need water to drink, air to breath and food to eat, God has given them to us in abundance. If we understand all these things naturally we start loving him. In our critical time when we feel distressed, helpless we pray to God which gives us strength to face challenges.

God is so vast as his creation. It’s not possible for us to understand him fully, that’s why God has made himself so flexible to us, whatever way we want we can pray to him. We can pray in front of Idle of God in whatever form and we can also pray to him mentally at any time, any place. God is lovely, love is his true nature, so we should pray him with full of love and gratitude.



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