November 2019


SYMPOSIUM IS ANXIETY JUSTIFIED?   Technology seems to be swallowing jobs. There is concern everywhere because people think automation will eat up the workplace itself. There are some, however, who feel that instead of destroying jobs, technology will only create newer jobs and newer opportunities. What do you have to say about this? PLEASE READ


The Story of Bâsanti Devi   Bâsanti Devi was born in the year 1917  in her maternal grandfather’s village home in  Bengal in the month of Chaitra 1323, Bengali  Era (BE). Six months after his daughter was  born, Naba Kumar Mukhyopadhyaya Sastri left for Benaras  along with his wife, Annakali Devi. Both  Naba Kumar and


  AMAZING ARCHITECTURE OF ANCIENT INDIA   How was Kedarnath Temple built? Here is an explanation.


Kaṇâda   The time has come to take him seriously   Rishi Kaṇâda. His original name was Kashyapa. He was also known as Ulūka. He lived thousands of years ago. He lived on bare necessities. He collected grains from fields to eat. However, he was a genius. Perhaps the first person to speak of the atomic

Children Write…

Introducing…. Saniya Kishna 12 years old. Lives in Almere Saniya Krishna is a flautist. At a tender age, she plays the flute like a specialist. Apart from that, she is also a brilliant painter. Here are a few of her paintings.       Child Artist of the Month Archita Pal, Utrecht   Mrs Rashmi

Music this Month

Music This Month   Bhajan There are several paths to God. Meditation, Yoga, Devotion, Knowledge–all are ways to reach Him. In the path of devotion itself there are numerous ways in which an aspirant can please God. Of them, the well-known navadha-bhakti or nine forms of devotion are important. Among these nine forms of devotion,