November 2019


Youth and Classical Fusion Music Raga Madhuvanti  


Visit Sigiriya, Sri Lanka with  Praveen Mohan This was Ravana’s Palace


Kachabeshwar Temple Architecture A Praveen Mohan Video  


The Value of the Obliquity of the Ecliptic About 4000 years ago Āryabhata said, and then Mahabharata [Vanaparva] some 5000 years ago. The value of the obliquity is 24. In ancient times, they used Devanagari letters for mathematics. For instance, कगच means ka X ga X cha = 1X3X6 = 18. In fact, nobody notices

Youth– September 2019

YOUTH An Excellent Dialogue   This month, we are presenting a beautiful dialogue about the Youth.

Story- September 2019

When Karma Hits Back   She had a difficult ailment. Life had become impossible to lead. And nobody liked her. She felt isolated. She suffered and the family too suffered. ‘Why is God so cruel towards me,’ she would say. But she had a very strong will-power, or so she thought. She was given jobs