At this moment, the wheels of the cart called our world are stuck in muddy waters. The cart doesn’t seem to move. There is anxiety everywhere, even though a hundred means are being tried to put up a bold face. Life has never been easy on this earth but with this present situation, it’s appearing to be a burden. India is once again in the throes of the virus, even as Europe and other continents struggle to recover.

So when will all this end?

No Nostradamus can give the date and time of the end of the virus situation. Virus has been with us in the past, and shall be with us, say pundits. But this one is nasty, add others. In either case, we are not sure as to when exactly we shall open our doors, windows and arms. That is, we don’t know when exactly we shall be embracing our friends, removing our masks fearlessly and become our old selves again.

This does not mean it will not end. And this is what we wish to say with absolute certainty. The future is bright. Take our word for it: the future is indeed bright. For several reasons: One, this is not the first time the world has faced such  a situation. Not just that: the world has completely forgotten those past bitter experiences and moved forward. This will happen soon. We shall wake up soon to the same old cock announcing the Sun, birds chirping and the world bustling with activity. Let’s wait and relax.  Two, The world has seen worse situations when bombs were discovered and thrown on humanity, world wars were fought, and humans killed humans mercilessly. After such madness, there was calm, recovery, and forgettance.  So this incident will be gone soon. Third, Sri Ramakrishna’s words.

Sri Ramakrishna spoke the truth and never ever in dream too he thought of falsehood. Whatever he said came to pass. He said that a young, poor youth from Calcutta would teach the world, and it happened. Ramakrishna drew a figure of the same youth crossing the sea on a ship, and it happened. Several others. One other important prediction of Sri Ramakrishna is yet to be materialised. That is: his worship in every home. Sri Ramakrishna said many times that he shall be adored in every home beyond borders, everywhere. This has to happen and shall happen. No power below or above the Sun can stop this. So there is hope.

Why should he be worshipped? Ramakrishna is the synonym of perfection, spiritual illumination and so on. To worship him means to accept spirituality as the goal of life, purity as the means, sadhana as the method, and selflessness as the motto. To worship him means to forget animosity, mutual hatred, evil propensities, etc. So when the world begins to worship Ramakrishna, or the ideal of spiritual perfection, the golden age is bound to come. And signs are already there, though at the physical level there are disturbances.


Negativity is not at all the way. We must pursue the path of hope, strength and courage. The positive thinker, who looks beyond the present haze and sees the bright sun of health, happiness and prosperity, gets strength and protection from the Divine. It is never a one-sided effort at all. This, then, is the message of Sri Ramakrishna to the world. Look at the near future: every house shall soon awaken to spiritual seeking.

The importance of the advent of Sri Ramakrishna, Mother and Swamiji has not been understood by humanity. As days roll by, this shall be clearer. Whether or not we understand the importance of his advent, we must have tremendous shraddha and hope. We should unschakle ourselves from the chains of negative, pessimistic thinking and move forward with tremendous force. And the force comes from Him.

From this moment, therefore, let’s give up our gloomy attitude and smile. Obeying social rules are of course there, being part of social life. But our attitude towards the future and the present moment shall be one of hope, faith and aspiration.


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Swami Sunirmalananda

Jai Maa Sarada