Two Years…


Vedanta Vani started two years ago by Mother’s grace. We received the blessings of Venerable President Maharajji, General Secretary Maharaj ji, and monks of the Ramakrishna Sangha. This magazine will start its third year now. We seek your help, cooperation and support as always.

The world is changing and is passing through terrible times now. This too shall pass. Meanwhile, let us all continue our seeking. Let us not stop our efforts for higher life. This magazine is published with this spiritual purpose in mind. Our writers are all busy and yet they do voluntary contributions. We thank each one of them, who spend a lot of their time to share spiritual thoughts with you. Your duty is to read and appreciate them. And share them with your friends.

There is a doha which says that even as you apply henna on the hands of others, your hands shall turn red. There are countless people spreading poison through social media now. Hate industry is a highly paid international corporation, which has one aim–to destroy sacred traditions, values, purity, prayer, sadhana, etc in the name of nonsensical equality and liberality.

When evil can work so hard to destroy good, should good people keep quiet? To keep quiet means to accept evil, and to provide arms and ammunition to evil to destroy good. That should not be. If evil is powerful, Good is tremendously more powerful. Each one of us can spread hope, light, peace, love and prayer. This is our duty. When we spread such divine ideas, we ourselves manifest our divinity.

May all of us receive the grace of Sri Ramakrishna, Mother and Swamiji always.

Thank you

Swami Sunirmalananda


Jai Maa Sarada