Sri Krishna and War

Sri Krishna was a leader who had to lead from the front. His responsibilities were enormous. He had to convince the Kauravas, singlehandedly, that war is useless. He went to the Kingdom of the Kauravas, all alone, and tried his best to stop war. He told Duryodhana, the emperor of the Kauravas: “You have taken away the land which rightfully belongs to the Pandavas. Give them at least 5 villages, and let there be no war.” The arrogant Kaurava declared that not even 5 inches of land shall be given.

Krishna then sent Kunti, the mother of the five Pandavas, with a terrific message. It was revealed to her that Karna, the backbone of the Kauravas, was one of her own sons. Karna was actually the first Pandava but, not knowing the secret of his royal birth, he was serving the enemy Kaurava.

Even though Kunti revealed to Karna that he was her own son and the eldest of the very Pandavas whom he was about to fight, things did not change much.

War became inevitable. But the war was only for 18 days. Krishna’s efforts to maintain peace did not work because of the natural evil tendency of the human being: to fight, to destro

War means destruction. Destruction leads to more destruction and damage. No solutions have ever been found from war. Only more destruction, misery and long-lasting scars and pain.

Dialogue and discussion are the only way to solving issues. Peace is the only method.

Swami Sunirmalananda