Changing Clothes Shouldn’t Make You Sad!

वासांसि जीर्णानि यथा विहाय
नवानि गृह्णाति नरो’पराणि
तथा शरीराणि विहाय जीर्णान्
अन्यानि संयाति नवानि देही.

vāsāmsi jîrṇāni yathā vihāya

navāni gṛhṇāti naro’parāṇi

tathā śarîrāṇi vihāya jîrṇān

anyāni samyāti navāni dehî

When your clothes are old, you throw them away and buy new clothes. Similarly, you throw disagreeable bodies and take newer ones.

The ritual of changing clothes several times a day should make us remember one thing. Changing clothes do not make us worried or sad or mortified. We don’t even bother much about these things. When clothes are old, we just dump them and go for newer clothes.

However, this daily ritual of changing clothes has a tremendous lesson to teach us. We must do this consciously. How consciously? When we change clothes, we must think that the body too shall change in the same manner one day. This brings preparedness. If the body changes, let it change. We shall have new, fresh body. That is all.