Teachings of Swami Premananda

It is best not to have any authority over others. When you do not know how to use it, it may be the source of great danger. The Gita—as well as our own living Gita, Sri Ramakrishna—has expressed the real meaning of unattached, pure, unselfish work.

Alas! You are made restless by anger on account of a few words from that gentleman. Yet look what bad treatment, what insults Sri Ramakrishna bore so patiently and uncomplainingly—from an ordinary gatekeepter! Is this not a lesson for us? Like the worldly minded, have come only to exercise authority over others? Work or service is of no use unless it helps you to achieve purity of heart. Otherwise, work will be in vain. Who can really benefit another? By doing unselfish work and serving others, we do good to ourselves. Our minds become pure. We learn to have patience and forbearance. Is that a small step toward solving the problem of life? Be like the threshing machine. Keep the good [see good in others] and discard the evil [see no evil]. You will enjoy much fun that way. How much Sri Ramakrishna is teaching me by placing me in various circumstances! I thought that I had escaped university examinations by taking refuge in Sri Ramakrishna but now I find that at every step I face examinations. When I have finished learning, I think that probably He will release me.

By taking refuge in Sri Ramakrishna you have received a new light. Many others also receive this light by seeing your wonderful lives.