Ancient Hindu Science

The Ancient Laws of Motion

The Genius of Kaņâda Maharshi

Fake Posts

Numerous fake posts, without the proper knowledge of Sanskrit, are circulated around the Web.  “Massachusetts University on Kaņâda”, “Kanad spoke of computer” and so on will give an opportunity for critics to insult you more.

We should go to the original text, study, understand, compare, and then make statements.

The Truth

Did Kaņâda Maharshi really speak about numerous scientific laws and theroms and truths which we know today? Yes. He did.

Here is an example from the 5th Adhyâya 1st Bhâga.

This clearly shows that Kaņâda anticipated Newton’s three Laws of Motion. 

नोदन-विशेषाभावात् न ऊर्ध्वं न तिर्यग्-गमनम् । । ५.१.८। । 
নোদন-বিশেযাভাবাৎ   ন ঊর্ধ্বং ন  তির্যক গমনং  .

nodana-visheshât na urdhvam na tiryag -gamanam

प्रयत्न-विशेषाद्-नोदन-विशेषः । । ५.१.९ । । 
প্রযত্ন-বিশেষাৎ নোদন-বিশেষঃ 

prayatna-visheshât nodana visheshah

नोदन-विशेषात उदसन-विशेषः । । ५.१.१०। । 
নোদন -বিশেষাৎ  উদসন-विशेषः

nodana-visheshât udasana-visheshah