Travel – Food for the soul and the best teacher

Aditi Engel

Travelling increases our knowledge and widens our perspective. The famous French novelist, Gustav Flaubert said “Travel makes us modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”. So, if circumstances permit, every young person should travel alone and see the world in his or her own way.

Arun, a 5th semester German student of Cognitive Informatics, went on a solo backpacking trip to Bali. He spent a whole month exploring Bali and the islands around. Arun had been to many countries in different parts of the world with his parents. This trip to Bali was the first time that he was travelling all alone. Speaking about his experiences, Arun said that by travelling solo for so many days he has also discovered a lot about his own self, he didn’t know before.



Aditi Engel is an ardent student of Vedanta. She lives in Germany and has a keen desire to create awareness in the youth about different aspects of life.