Zero-point Field

The zero-point field 

Just outside of space-time is a place you’ve always been.

Though it may be that you cannot well remember what you’ve seen.

All of who you are is there not just 10%.

The real you is quantum, you vibrate with pure intent.

A frequency of light and sound directed here and there.

You don’t exist at all and yet you’re always everywhere.

The moments is all there is and can’t be measured on a line.

There is no right or wrong because the moment is divine.

You are the creator of the frequency of the youth.

Born in swirling symphonies of nothing but the truth.

Age cannot affect you for the only moments now.

And your mission is delightful to explore yourself but how 

As truth you are the answer to the question with no name.

The journey lasts forever and it’s nothing but a game.

So when you last decided that you’d like to come to earth.

That you wanted to explore human being this from birth.

You knew what you were doing, your choice to come was true.

You manifested simply in the frequency of you.

But somewhere you forgot the truth. Let it fall away.

You forgot this was a game that your mission is to play.

But now you are remembering that truth is who you are.

That you are not your body nor your thoughts about your car.

Nor your marriage nor your misery your spectrum of emotion.

You are just a drop of water looking for the ocean.

But here’s the thing. A drop of water falling from the sky 

Does not attempt to take control. It does not try to fly.

A drop of water gives itself to gravity and peace.

And when it hits the ocean it’s the ultimate release.

We are like those drops of water falling from the sky.

But we do not surrender we resist and here’s why.

We’re scared of life. We’re scared of death. We’re scared of being bold.

We’re scared of one another. We’re scared of growing old.

We’re scared that if we join the ocean we will disappear.

We’re scared of what will happen if we give in to the fear.

But just the other side of fear whispering and true.

Is the zero point, our place of birth, calling me and you.

So when we let our conscious thoughts descend like drops of rain.

They can sink into the heart and join the ocean with no name.

And there together consciously as many and as one.

The zero point will shine through us as brightly as the Sun.

(Simon Welsh)



Dhr Corne van Nijhuis is een geleerde en heeft zijn tijd gewijd aan de studie en beoefening van Vedanta. Hij levert regelmatig bijdragen aan dit tijdschrift.